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315 Church Street, Swan Quarter, NC 27885

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We hunt flooded corn impoundments for ducks, typically wheat fields for swan. We do everything ourselves – from planting the corn, to flooding the field to building the blinds. The impoundments are close to Lake Mattamuskeet but not on the lake.

We start with a morning hunt for duck, swan or bear.  We break midday and will go back out in the afternoon if needed.

Outside the house yes. Inside NO. These are Non-Smoking accommodations.

YES.  Whether we are hunting in an impoundment or in a field, you will often be much better off in waders.  In the fields where we hunt Tundra Swan, you are often in a wet drainage ditch. Plus, Hyde County is typically wet and muddy during the winter and your waders will keep you dry and warm.

Hunting retriever, yes; Just a house pet, no.  We also ask that you crate your dog at the house.  Please do not let your dog roam the house, sleep in the beds, jump on the furniture, etc.

PLEASE BRING TOWELS.  We do provide sheets, blankets and pillows.  It is an old farmhouse, so a bit on the cool side.  Bring warm clothes if the forecast is for cold weather.

No, sorry we do not.  Great time to unplug.

Please bring BB shells for swan hunts. For duck hunts bring shot #2 or #4.

See our Lodging page for information about restaurants and stores.  You may want to call before you go.  If you are coming in late, we advise you stop in Washington or Belhaven. Our restaurants are not always open and our grocery store typically closes at 7:00 pm.  There are no convenience stores and our gas station is not open late or on Sunday.

Chris’ Grocery Store – see our Lodging page for more info. Washington and Belhaven both have chain grocery stores and Washington has Walmart, so you may want to stop in one of those towns first.  If you are coming in late, Chris’ Grocery Store will not be open, so be sure to keep that in mind.

We have a coffee maker, filters and typically keep the coffee in the freezer.  We do suggest bringing your own.  We do have a microwave, oven, full-size fridge, dishes, silverware, dish towels etc.  Typically, there are garbage bags, toilet paper and paper towels.